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Providing top-notch animal care isn't just what we do -- it's what we love!


COLD NOSE WARM HEART DOG RESCUE has served pet owners in Phoenix, Arizona for over 12 years. Our main focus is to educate pet owners, give accurate diagnoses, and provide the best care for your pet.


Our experienced veterinarians offer a wide variety of surgical and medial care for small pets, but our services don't stop there. At COLD NOSE WARM HEART DOG RESCUE, we not only provide the best animal care possible, but also offer grooming and boarding services. We know you care about your animal's well-being and we promise that you can trust they're happy and healthy in our hands.

COLD NOSE WARM HEART DOG RESCUE is professional, affordable, and reliable!

My dog had a nasty cough and as soon as the veterinarian at COLD NOSE WARM HEART DOG RESCUE saw him, she diagnosed his illness. Now, he's on medication and is on the fast track to recovering. Thanks, COLD NOSE WARM HEART DOG RESCUE!

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